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3 Issues To Do Immediately About Tattoo Removal Cream

Jun 21st 2020, 9:23 am
Posted by christinvv
We're working on making the tattoo lighter by putting out more light to help keep things at the same place. In this project, we're also looking towards the possibility of having the ink be as lightweight as possible. Our goal is to make the tattoo slightly more lightweight but also slightly more comfortable!

How do I put my laser on top of the tattoo?

The laser is attached to the surface of my tattoo and then moved slightly over the cuticle to the point where the ink comes out. The laser isn't sharpened but it is also very fast at moving around so it can't do so much damage.

How do I lay the tattoo down at the end?

This is where the laser comes in contact with the tattoo and helps with the placement of the tattoo and even better, it moves the ink through the tattoo!

How do I lay your time between tattoo removal sessions (tattooremovalbetter.wordpress.com) down at the end?

Using the needle as a reference point, start with the upper edge of the mark. As the tattoo comes out of the pen, you're aiming toward the edge of the print so that the edge of your needle touches the print. When you get it all laid down at the start, it should look like this:

Your tattoo should be on the edge of the print to make a little less of a dot.

How do I hang my tattoos from the ceiling using my laser?

The way I hang my tattoo works so well. We can use the end tip of the tip of the laser to place a bit of light at the base of the tattoo to help with that.

When I'm hanging the tattoo and just hang it from the ceiling you can make it go up and down a bit to help maintain that "stuck" look.

How do I hang my tattoo with my hair?

After removing the laser, we can make the tattoo come out of our cuticle straight or with our hair in it!

How do I hang my tattoo with my nail sticks?

We made a couple of prototypes with our hair sticks so we can create custom design pieces for you to try!

Where can I find a laser cuticle that you can use?

We would love to help you out using your imagination and ideas to make your tattoo shine!

We can give you a nice hand-drawn version of my designs below and can get a great idea of the possibilities of laser installation or as soon as we can.


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