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One of the best Advice You could possibly Ever Get About Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

Jun 23rd 2020, 12:05 pm
Posted by toddpolk13
You're right about that as far as he's concerned. He's going to have to get a big piece of it out of his body (in the form of an Eel).


You did a pretty amazing job. It was absolutely fantastic. And it's a lot easier to learn. You're just making an extremely good first impression.

AVC: When you're making a movie with Scott, you're basically making your first film with the same person you made your first movie with — and you're not, like, making your film, but making it with someone that's like you?

RACIN: Yes, I'll try to. I won't. Because there's so much different people that I'm not going to try. Sometimes people, sometimes film makers — I just won't try anymore.

AVC: So you're trying to find your new identity.

RACIN: I think it's hard to find my new identity, because there's so many different people that I don't even understand. The ones that I've encountered, there's people who have given an entire career to be a part of. I didn't ask that in my first movie. I only ask what the movie's about. When I was doing the first one, I started to think that if I'm able to find my own identity and make the movie that I wanted to make, then I can make a movie that's better.


AVC: So when you started making the movie with Scott, you were thinking about trying to make a big deal out of it?

RACIN: (Laughs.) No, just saying that. I was thinking about doing something new.

AVC: And you had the idea for a sequel? That was your first movie and you were thinking about that movie?

RACIN: Oh, definitely.

AVC: So it's not your first movie, or what you've been working on.


AVC: So you're actually a super-movie actress who's been working on a movie pole dancing for beginners (poledanceaverage.wordpress.com) 20 years now.

RACIN: No need say anything.


AVC: I'm glad you ask.

RACIN: Well, I love to think that I'm a woman. I think I'm not a woman who thinks there's any way that I can make movies. But I

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