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Udemy Technical Analysis Tip: Be Consistent

Jun 18th 2020, 7:47 am
Posted by briannaric
Should I take any risk? If so, can I take time out of my routine to focus on improving the technique as it applies to my game?

I've seen very little of these questions at the top end of the swing game. It's easy to feel in awe of how these strategies are used, even though it's hard to use them because so many of them are too specific and too often misunderstood on an individual basis! In my recent review of the swing game, I did a piece on how it can help hone the skills of a beginner, one I think has merit, as some readers have written.

The Basics

Here are some questions I think many people should know, and get out there!

First, is it really just another technique? It is not a practice that people learn over and over again. It is a trade up. You don't use every tool you can, so why should you? If you are trying to optimize, you should get an edge in that endeavor.

It is not a trade up you just do not know how to use. It's hard to know how to use. You won't know the nuances and how to best use them, so why should you, or should you learn to play the game that you really need to?

Why should I be surprised when I learn some skill in the swing? It's easy to learn, as you are always aware of how it should work. It doesn't take much of a skill set to be able to play a game that has great fundamentals.

My current routine is to focus on a four-set strategy before trying to figure out how to get it all together, which involves trying to get the best out of each of the strategies. Most swing players know these basics before starting the swing game, which allows you to learn all the basic things a beginner should know. What do you think?

The swing style should look like this:

How to Use:

Use this quick overview to help you know which moves work or do not work best for your current situation. I'm using the best online stock trading courses - swingtradingcourse.wordpress.com - movement in my current environment and have tried to follow basic movements that work best for most situations – whether from the bench or from the rack.

Movement 1:

Move that starts in front of you at the hip, and begins with your right hand.

Movement 2:

This moves up towards your face, which should be moving in parallel.

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